Found Objects

Song #6:  Kitchen Noises

emily kitchen edit
Print by Emily Breines

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Sometimes songwriting for me can be all about utilizing found objects, the little bits of music that suddenly appear or are stumbled upon.  This tune, Kitchen Noises, was recorded at my partner Seal’s house, maybe some winter evening between 2013 and 2015.  Seal hates overhead lights, so the living room was dark.  I was playing the dusty little old spinet piano that I inherited from my grandmother.  Seal was in the kitchen washing dishes; she was getting over a cold and kept clearing her throat.  I felt very drowsy and a little melancholic.  Seal’s old black and white cat, Morgana, was there trying to ignore me.  I had a chord progression and a little melody that I was enamored with, the song seemed to be coming right out of the piano and the timbre of the evening.  I just kept layering tracks until it was done.